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You Hold The Power - No One Is You

Obstacles are present in everyday life, offering every one of us the opportunity to grow and expand. Constraints are the reason for the change, which discourages many people from taking a step forward. It is up to you to make the changes in your life. You have the power to change yourself and your life around. Are you ready to discover your inner strength? Everything you need is within your reach.

Keep Moving Forward

At this moment, under your breath, you might say she makes change seem so easy. Let me explain. In reality, change is often difficult. It may also be comfortable with understanding the process. There will be ups and downs, but without change, there is no growth you would stay just as you are. There are several reasons why people resist change. Some people prefer to stay in their comfort zone because they get attached to patterns and life as they know it. Other people will attempt, but say it’s hard because, after one change, another one follows. Or they don’t know how to change.

When faced with change, fear moves forward, and you might try running from the uncertainty. Stop and check in with yourself, how is my body feeling at this present time? What emotions do I feel? You can believe that obstacles are challenging you, but you are learning more about yourself. You have the choice to stay behind the barrier or find another way around the obstacle.

Why stay in a situation that may be holding you back from growing spiritually, mentally, and physically? Change is the only constant thing in this world; it’s inevitable. You can choose to accept change with open arms, or you can add resistance missing the experience.

When the time is right, and you openly accept change, you will learn to experience every step moving forward. Change starts with small steps getting more significant over time. There will be challenges, roadblocks, curves, and weather changes, but it’s about embracing every situation that appears in front of you. Today, you may not understand how something small grows into something big; over time, you’ll start seeing growth within yourself. Your journey will feel lighter, and you’ll gain a new appreciation for life.

Namaste Janet Donielle


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