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Changing Seasons Is Learning To Let Go

A simple life is a beautiful life. There will be Grey days, rainy days, and happy days, but there is always a rainbow waiting to be seen. In the stillness, you’ll see beautiful rainbows everywhere.

Of course, life will bring many challenges that you can resist or accept. At any time, life can present you with a chronic illness, loss of a loved one, ending a relationship, or losing your job. It’s not easy when you’re feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, or angry to move forward. Truly it is what it is. Accepting is not a sign of weakness. Resisting and fighting will only create turbulence in life.

The choice is yours. Without challenges, you cannot grow and expand. Be ok with the things you cannot change. Life is continually evolving. People change, situations change. Remember, life is temporary, and so are feelings. Please take a moment to ask yourself how do I feel at this present moment. Am I adding resistance to any experience that surrounds me by doing or saying certain things?

  • Feeling as though your life is not good enough

  • You feel cheated by life

  • Raising your voice out of anger

  • Always complaining about your situation

  • You don’t want to be here anymore

  • Why me

Do you also find that you’re an observer of other people’s lives but your own? Unconsciously your creating war within yourself by comparing external lives. Most people have no interest in observing themselves because it takes time. It’s too complicated. It’s essential to observe yourself to make personal changes. One must understand their emotions and behavior towards themselves to move forward.

Stay focused on letting go and not comparing yourself to another person’s journey. You can do this.

When you start understanding yourself more, the ego-mind will try and fool you with negative thoughts — quickly reminding you of your morning — worrying about traffic. Being in panic mode as you’re rushing to meet deadlines. Children were fighting who gets the front seat. Dropping your coffee as you slammed the front door in anger. “Shouting does life get any better.” If the children were not fighting, this would not happen. Then you start blaming your spouse for not helping out. But. Your spouse is nowhere near.

Pause take a deep breath and exhale, giving the ego-mind no attention. It is in the understanding that it will help you accept what is happening at this moment and not worrying about what is next.

Consciously accepting where your life is at this moment is the first step to inner freedom. Next comes letting go and surrendering of the situation. There will be no more asking the why’s. It is essential to allow forgiveness for yourself and other people. Remember, forgiving isn’t for the other person; you’re doing it for yourself. There’s a beautiful sense of inner peace when you allow life to flow through you instead of around you.

Remember, every day; we have a choice to continue feeling the same way or saying today is the day I choose to move forward.


Janet Donielle


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