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Hello Emotional Triggers - Peek a Boo

Beautiful souls enter your life to help you heal emotionally, physically, and mentally.

Have you ever experienced an emotional outburst and wondered why it happened? Past experiences of trauma, body pain, or emotional disturbances may have triggered your emotions. Everyone has emotional triggers that uncomfortable situations or topics can activate.

As living beings, pain is a natural part of life that allows us to grow and expand. However, suffering should never be a part of our lives. Dealing with painful emotions such as stress, fear, tension, trauma, or pain can be challenging. But ignoring or suppressing these emotions can block energy flow and disrupt relationships, leading to depression and physical pain.

Did you ever hide your feelings when you were growing up? If so, where did you tuck them away? Hiding negative thoughts and emotions can have negative consequences. Identifying triggers and facing them head-on is essential to release trapped energy. If we don't address our pain when it occurs, it will resurface in the same or different forms.

Triggers can start in the most unexpected moments. A casual conversation with a friend can become a heated argument, leaving you angry and upset. The key is to ask yourself, "Why am I being triggered?" and be honest with your answers. By doing this, you can identify common triggers and work towards finding solutions.

It's important to remember that emotional triggers are a part of being human. Feel free to seek help or support when you need it. By facing your triggers head-on, you can unlock your true potential and live a fulfilling life.

  • Someone is ignoring you.

  • Feeling powerless

  • Someone is trying to control you.

  • Someone is leaving you.

  • Someone is needy.

  • Feeling you couldn’t speak.

  • Someone is chewing loudly.

  • Someone is judging you.

  • Feeling pressured

How long do triggers last?

The trigger duration varies from person to person and is influenced by the level of pain experienced in the body. Triggers can last a few hours, extend to several weeks, or persist for months. Once you have calmed down from a trigger, it may seem like nothing has happened, but it is crucial to process your emotions.

How to handle emotional triggers.

When you're feeling overwhelmed, take a moment to reflect on your emotions. It's important to ground yourself when others surround you. If you need to step away from the situation, do so. When you return, you'll feel more at ease. If you struggle to work through your feelings, try setting them aside and taking time. Remember not to keep your emotions bottled up. Once you understand the root of your feelings, it'll be easier to move past them. Although they may resurface, they'll eventually become less noticeable with time.

Thank you. If you have further questions, let me know. I would love to hear how you moved passed your emotional trigger.


Janet Donielle


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