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Don't force yourself to fit in when you feel yourself shifting.

I'm genuinely delighted that you clicked on this link. Possibly you're having signs or curious about spiritual transformation. One sign that spiritual transformation is taking place is your life appears to be falling apart. But your life is falling together perfectly. Trust the process, knowing that things have to fall to be put back together again in a unique way. Transformation is when our consciousness grows and expands.

I feared change until I saw that even the most beautiful butterfly had to undergo metamorphosis before it could fly.

Spiritual transformation is a natural part of growing and expanding. Many people have gone through or experiencing spiritual transformation now. Now trying to understand a change can often leave you feeling lost and confused. When spiritual energy shifts, you can feel like a teeter-totter going up and down, trying to find balance.

Spiritual transformation starts with awareness. There is inner work to be done stripping away layer by layer to the core of who you are. It is not always comfortable, at least initially. For many people, their transformation will involve some pain, while others will tell you they hardly noticed. You might feel as though the path you had planned for yourself is no longer clear. You'll start questioning things around you. You'll wonder where you are going; however, long does this feeling last.

As your shifting, you will realize you're not the same person. Initially, you may not like how you see yourself. People, places, and things no longer look the same to you often feel as though you are losing your mind. You may start feeling as though you don't know where you fit in anymore as though you don't belong in this world. However, this is entirely normal.

Patterns will be shifted and broken down. When changes take place, you'll let go of what no longer serves you to welcome in the new. Embrace the qualities that you would usually hide, avoid, or deny. Importantly follow your beliefs, faith, and values as you move forward. In some situations, you will no longer give your energy, time, or focus too. You'll recognize remaining silent instead of arguing or battling is the key to peace.

Every butterfly has its unique patterns, even though living a short life butterflies make excellent impressions. Butterflies move gracefully, finding them in the most beautiful places.

4 Signs inner transformation is taking place.

1. Increased sensitivity to sound

As you become more spiritually sensitive, you'll notice changes to smells, sounds, crowds, and television.

The music you once enjoyed, you may find yourself lowering the sound to eventually shutting off. These symptoms are temporary and will start to settle down. When you find yourself uncomfortable, take a walk outside in nature and breathe. Stay in the present moment, and nurture yourself.

2. You want to spend more time alone in quiet and peaceful surroundings.

When your feeling as though you need time alone for silence and solitude or to explore your creativity, gravitate towards nature. Being surrounded by nature brings solace and boosts creativity. Your mind is not overthinking, allowing you to hear messages from your higher self.

3. You may find yourself exploring healthier eating habits.

As you start to feel more connected to earth, nature, and animals, you'll understand the link to the elements of life. For many nowadays, healthier eating habits have become very important as many people are switching to veganism, vegetarianism, or whole plant-based foods. When you experience a switch in consciousness, follow healthier eating habits that feel good to your body. Remember, food is nourishment, medicine, and your mind is the cure.

4. Relationships are ending, and people are walking out of your life.

When relationships end, you'll question yourself, what did I do wrong? You'll feel confused, sadness, and grief. During this time, it is essential to feel your emotions and release them. Trust that you will grow learning and understanding this is part of the process of expansion. The relationships you shared will either dissipate or leave temporary until you both have gone through the healing process. New connections will be shared where two people are complete as individuals and ready to combine as a powerful life force.

I'm not going to say that inner transformation is pleasant. Stay in the present moment, going deeper, healing, and accepting the process. In the end, you will be thankful for this moment.

Do you feel as though you could be experiencing a transformation?


Janet Donielle

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