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Meet Janet Donielle


Janet Donielle, Sheer Divine Insight. A mystic, psychic medium, natural healer, and an intuitive counselor. She is all about sharing love, compassion, joy, and light with the world. During a reading, healing, or guidance session, it is answering questions clients have so they can heal as they move forward along their journey.
Long before realizing she was spiritually gifted, there was a deep longing to help people. There has always been a fascination with the universe, and having the knowing more was out there. She has navigated many transitions throughout her journey with guidance along her side. She would be delighted to help you learn, relearn, and heal through your journey. Namaste

Meet Janet Donielle

A psychic reading with Janet Donielle is an opportunity to help you understand why things are happening along your path, guiding you through complex and challenging matters through a transformational phone reading.

Janet Donielle has unique abilities that allow her to help you on your way to self-discovery, happiness, and love. Communicating with spirit guides but not limited to past loved ones, family relationships, your love life, or significant decisions. Together we will journey, giving you confidence, with practical ways to move forward with new insight.



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Why Guidance?

It can help with

Why Guidnace
Embrace Spiritual
Inner Transformation

I feared change until I saw that even the most beautiful butterfly had to undergo metamorphosis before it could fly!

In The Moment Meditation

Do you wonder why people practice meditation? Many people believe there is only one way to meditate, but there are several different styles. There is no right or wrong way.

You Hold The Power

Obstacles are present in everyday life, offering every one of us the opportunity to grow and expand.

Changing Seasons Is Learning GO

A simple life is a beautiful life. There will be Grey days, rainy days, and happy days, but there is always a rainbow waiting to be seen. In the stillness, you’ll see beautiful rainbows everywhere.


Hello Emotional Triggers
Peek a Boo

Emotional triggers are stemmed from past experiences that caused trauma, body pain, and emotional disturbances. Everyone has emotional triggers that can be activated by topics and situations that feel uncomfortable.

Seeking Inner peace to happiness

Are you relying on others to fulfill your happiness? Do you buy tangible items only to discover they bring temporary joy? True happiness is deep down within.


Janet Donielle You literally nailed it for my mother who passed away. I appreciate your reading so much and you by far did an amazing job. Thank you so much, Love and light... and many blessings to you.

—Sheryl J.


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