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Hey  There!

I'm Janet "JD" Donielle, and I strive to live a fulfilling, curious, and creative life that enables me to fulfill my purpose. As an innate healer, intuitive messenger, and empowerment coach, I am thrilled to share my gifts with people and animals worldwide.

One of my most significant endeavors is advocating for discussing end-of-life planning with our loved ones, including their wishes and desires. Being prepared for the future makes things easier for our loved ones. As an End-of-Life Doula, I provide emotional, physical, and spiritual support to those in need. I recognize the significance of being prepared for what is to come and can assist and guide you through the process.

Ever since childhood, I've been captivated by the universe, particularly the Milky Way. I frequently contemplated my existence, and despite facing personal challenges, I have embraced my new chance at life, fostering a profound connection with myself that now allows me to be open with you.

In my twenties, I discovered my gift of healing and being a messenger. I gained a better understanding with the help of mentors and meditative art practice. I formed a strong bond with my spiritual guides, deepened my relationship with God, and learned to cherish every part of myself. This new perspective empowers me to make choices that enhance my well-being.

I find immense joy in embracing the simple yet fulfilling pleasures of life. The soothing embrace of calming music never fails to ignite my creativity. Exploring the wonders of nature through hiking, witnessing the sunrise, experimenting with new recipes, and discovering the delights of vegan restaurants and coffee houses fills my heart with happiness. When not immersed in these activities, I dedicate my energy to aiding patients in the healthcare industry, a field that has ignited my passion for over 25 years.

Energy Healing Massage

Meditative Art 


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