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I'm Janet "JD" Donielle, and I strive to live a fulfilling, curious, and creative life that enables me to fulfill my purpose. I take great pleasure in bringing happiness to others. As a psychic, empowerment counselor, and animal communicator, I am thrilled to share my gifts with people and animals worldwide. I am a gifted healer who blends Tantrik, sound, and reiki to create a sacred space for healing, guidance, and finding positive solutions to difficult situations. One can often uncover new opportunities by shifting their perspective.


One of my most significant endeavors is advocating for discussing end-of-life planning with our loved ones, including their wishes and desires. Being prepared for the future makes things easier for our loved ones. As an End-of-Life Doula, I provide emotional, physical, and spiritual support to those in need. I recognize the significance of being prepared for what is to come and can assist and guide you through the process.


Ever since childhood, I have been fascinated by the universe's secrets, mainly the Milky Way galaxy. I often pondered my existence, even pinching my skin, wondering what lay beneath the surface. Overcoming personal struggles, being given a second chance at life, and engaging in the healing process have allowed me to develop a deep connection with myself, enabling me to be open with you. In my twenties, I discovered my true calling. Although I lacked someone to confide in regarding my experiences, I turned to Psychic readers for guidance in understanding my natural abilities. With the help of my mentors, teachers, and meditative art practice, I navigated through various transitions and formed a strong bond with my spiritual guides.

I find joy in the simple yet fulfilling pleasures of life. Creating something new while basking in the soothing sounds of calming music is a peaceful sanctuary for me. I like to enhance my experience with a latte by my side. Another source of happiness for me is exploring the wonders of nature through hiking, watching the sunrise, and savoring meals at nearby plant-based restaurants. When not enjoying these activities, I channel my energy toward helping patients in the healthcare industry for over 25 years. 


When you learn to embrace and cherish your body, every single part of it, and cultivate a profound understanding and love for yourself, you will experience a deep sense of peace within and acknowledge the exceptional beauty that you possess. This newfound outlook will empower you to make choices that promote your overall well-being.

Energy Healing Massage

Meditative Art 

Cleansing & Clearing 

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